So, you have managed to locate our Briefing Room at  We’ve been expecting you.  Take a seat and pay attention.

T4T Missions are Free To Play.

Agents(players) visit T4THQ(this website) and receive Dispatches to track down the location of a drop site for a mission in progress to claim a Bounty.  It’s as simple as that!


Missions in progress are noted on the Dispatch page.


Some T4T Terms to know:

T4T: Tap 4 Treasure

T4THQ: Tap4Treasure Headquarters

Mission: T4T Treasure Hunt Game

Bounty: Prize or Reward

T4T Agents: Players of Tap4Treasure Missions

Dispatches: Intel (clues) posted by T4THQ which help T4T Agents to identify the drop site.

Drop Site: Location of Treasure. T4T Agents must discover the drop site and transmit this to T4THQ

Transmit: Email

BLAST: T4THQ newsletter to keep Agents up to date and informed of missions.  BLAST stands for ‘Bulletin for Licensed Agents Seizing Treasures’.  Subscribe below.


Mission Briefing on T4THQ:

Here at T4T Headquarters, we actively monitor covert operations and intercept information leading to secret locations of valuable artifacts. These treasures are being stealthily distributed on the black market and need recovered!

They belong in a museum!

It is the ‘Drop Site’ of these treasures that T4T Agents attempt to identify by following the clues in dispatched intel during a Mission.


There are 3 different level of missions:

Copper level missions: All Agents identifying the drop site by a specified time will be entered into a Random Drawing from all correct submissions received at T4THQ. Bounty varies for Missions.

Steel level missions: You’ve got to be tough for these.  The Bounty for a mission will be given to the First Agent to identify the drop site. Bounty varies for Missions.

Platinum level missions: Only for the best of the best.  This is where it gets really tough, and you may have to hit the streets.  But the Bounties are worth it.


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